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Washington County: By the Numbers Photo Courtesy Joe Burns Washington County Total Population – 20,295 Total Households-8,312 Median Household Income-$65,409 Per Capita Income-$29,328 Employment Rate-96.3% Median Age-37.3 Residents with college degree-28.9% Herman Total Population-268 Total Households-119 Median Age-41.3 Mean Household Income-$50,433 Kennard Arlington Total Population-1,243 Total Households-495 Median Age-38.3 Mean Household Income-$64,011 Total Population-361 Total Households-165 Median Age-38.7 Mean Household Income-$56,701 Washington Blair Total Population-150 Total Households-55 Median Age-43 Total Population-8,013 Total Households-3,110 Median Age-36 Mean Household Income-$62,985 SOURCE: U.S. CENSUS BUREAU Fontanelle Washington County Demographics Forecasted population change by 2014: 0.71% Median Age: 37.8 Average Household Income: $74,127 Education: 93.4% of residents have at least a High School Diploma: 27.4% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher Blue Collar 26.06% White Collar 73.94% Total Population-54 Total Households-29 Median Age-40.8 Fort Calhoun Total Population-908 Total Households-391 Median Age-41.4 Mean Household Income-$58,593 Washington County 6 Visitor’s Guide

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